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Your New Patient Visit at Brennan Dental

At Brennan Dental, we consider your initial visit as the building block for our lasting relationship. During this crucial appointment, we will carefully go through your medical and dental history. You will have the opportunity to meet your doctor and our team members, allowing you to comfortably address any concerns about your dental health and treatment plan. To ensure ample time for your first visit, we prioritize a relaxed atmosphere where you won’t feel rushed.

Step 1: Your Appointment

When you arrive, our friendly team will greet you, check you in, notify your oral health team of your arrival, verify insurance if applicable, and guide you through any necessary new patient paperwork. You can save time by completing the new patient forms in your appointment confirmation email before you arrive. Once completed, a team member will escort you from the waiting room to a treatment room, where they will review your dental history, medical history, and any dental health concerns or issues. The Dental Assistant will take X-rays, allowing us to examine the jaw’s structure, teeth position, and tooth condition.

Step 2: Your Exam

As a new patient, your initial comprehensive exam will last approximately one hour. This visit will help us get acquainted with each other and learn about your goals for your dental treatment. Upon completion of your examination and review of X-rays, we will review the findings and results with you. Our practice focuses on technology and has the advantage of an intraoral camera to give you a 3-D video tour concerning tooth areas if needed. Our Dentist will discuss recommendations and procedures and outline an individualized approach specific to your dental health.

Step 3: Your Hygiene Visit

On your first visit, you may not receive a cleaning. A cleaning may be completed after the doctor ensures it is the appropriate treatment for your specific oral health.

Our Dental Hygienists will review your mouth and gums and oral cancer screening. If appropriate, our Hygienist will thoroughly clean and polish your teeth. Your Hygienist may clean your teeth manually with traditional tools or use an advanced water-powered instrument based on what is best for your specific needs. Finally, your Hygienist will review tips for caring for your teeth and preventing gum disease. Your hygiene exam should take about 45 minutes, and you will leave with a toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste to keep on track with your home health routine.

New Patient Forms

To make your experience as smooth and convenient as possible, we’ve designed our new patient forms to be completed electronically, allowing you the comfort and convenience of filling them out at home. This streamlined process ensures that your first visit is focused more on your care and less on paperwork, providing a seamless transition into our dental family. We value your time and comfort, and by offering this digital convenience, we aim to start our relationship efficiently and easily.

Complete New Patient Forms

Learn More About New Patients at Brennan Dental

Absolutely! Brennan Dental welcomes new patients and often has the capacity to schedule appointments within a few weeks, and sometimes even within a few days. Your initial visit typically includes a comprehensive exam and all required X-rays with the doctor. During this first appointment, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss any particular problem areas or concerns you have with our dentists.

Previously, booking your initial appointment with a new dentist was common solely for a dental cleaning. However, our dentists adhere to the latest standards in dentistry, and as such, all new patients undergo a thorough oral examination, including any necessary X-rays. This practice ensures that our dentist gains a complete and accurate understanding of your oral health condition before beginning any treatment. If a dental cleaning is deemed the appropriate next step, we typically coordinate this with your appointment with your dentist for the same day.

To make payments convenient for our patients, we offer several options.

Our dental team will gladly help you estimate benefits before your treatment and filing your insurance claim. If we are out-of-network for your insurance, we will help you file a claim. Patients are responsible for the difference between the insurance benefit and the cost of the procedure. Payment is due during service unless prior arrangements have been made.

If you have a question about your insurance, give us a call at 480.498.8825.