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Meet Our Dentists

Our skilled dental team is adept at handling a wide range of dental issues, all within the comfort of our single, unified practice. We emphasize your convenience at our facility located in Chandler and Gilbert, AZ, offering all-encompassing care in one accessible place. Rely on us to streamline your dental experience, saving you time and money by reducing the need for external referrals and addressing all your dental requirements under one roof.

Dr. Elliott Brennan

Trace the inspiring path of Dr. Elliott, from his biochemistry studies at Arizona State University to his impactful church mission in New Zealand. His educational journey led him to a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree and a public health certificate from the Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health (ASDOH).

Professionally, Dr. Elliott has enriched his expertise across the Valley and as the Director of Digital Dentistry at A.T. Still University. Co-founding Brennan Dental in 2014, he’s dedicated to providing top-tier dental care, embodying his lifelong passion for dentistry. Explore Dr. Elliott’s unique blend of experience and commitment to excellence in dental care.

Dr. Jonny Brennan

Dr. Jonny is a renowned graduate of Arizona State University and the University of Toledo College of Medicine. His journey continued at the Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health, where he earned a Master’s in Public Health and a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. In 2014, he co-founded Brennan Dental in Chandler, becoming a pivotal figure in the intersection of medicine and technology in dentistry.

As the Associate Dean of Innovation and Curriculum at A.T. Still University’s dental school, Dr. Jonny is revolutionizing dental education and patient care. His work in digital dentistry and electronic health records is shaping the future of the field. Discover how Dr. Jonny’s passion and expertise are making a profound impact on dental care and education.

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